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Rail Inspection

Things can go wrong when you least expect it. Preventive railroad maintenance will help to avoid safety issues, costly track outages and save your company money in the long run. American Track recommends that you have a bi-annual inspection of the railroad tracks in your facility by one of our qualified inspectors. Our comprehensive railway inspection services include the following:

  • Walking the entire track
  • Visual inspection of ties, rail, bolts, spikes
  • Gauge and alignment check
  • Subgrade evaluation
  • Ballast
  • Turnouts and switches
  • Recommendations for scheduled maintenance
  • Rehabilitation of any needed areas

Railroad Maintenance Services

Inspection and maintenance go hand in hand. American Track’s railroad track maintenance contractors can identify areas of concern before they become violations or present hazards. Our maintenance team is equipped to fix any problems identified by our railroad inspectors or other third-party inspection companies. We take care of routine maintenance items such as rail lubrication and switch cleaning, as well as, irregular maintenance items such as switch point welding, rail replacement, and many other railroad track work.

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We offer railroad inspection services ranging from monthly to yearly inspections, which cover everything from single track sidings to manufacturing facilities with several miles of track. Get started with American Track by contacting one of our locations today!

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