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Rail Engineering Consultation

Railroad design can seem daunting, that is why we are here. American Track’s engineers have the knowledge and experience to answer any rail-related question you have. We are here to take you through every step of the design process and offer rail engineering consultation.

Track geometry is often the governing factor when it comes to project location. However, it is very easy to overlook. Customers often focus on the location of the building and adjacent structure without thinking about the track which severs them. Including a track expert at the beginning of your design cycle eliminates the possibility of settling on a project location where rail is not feasible.

Our design service is just one part of the railroad engineering support that we provide. We can also provide insight into many areas of a potential project:

  • Cost savings measures
  • Defining project scope
  • Material selection
  • Phasing plans
  • Shutdown plans
  • Cost estimates

We can also provide track engineering consultation on the construction side. Our construction team is often awarded projects designed by others. In these cases, we make a point to review and validate the design. We redesign the project and create 3D models of the surfaces, profiles, and alignments. This allows us to accurately stake out and construct the project. Doing so also highlights any issues with the design, allowing us to consult the project owner long before the issues are revealed in the field.

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American Track offers free Engineering Consultation to our customers as part of our continuing effort to create and maintain great relationships. Contact one of our offices to get the process started!

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