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Railroad Maintenance

American track railway maintenance services



Routine railway maintenance is vital in avoiding safety issues and unforeseen track outages. American Track’s maintenance professionals can identify areas of concern before they become violations or present hazards. We offer a range of inspection plans ranging from bi-weekly to yearly inspections, which cover everything from single track sidings to manufacturing facilities with several miles of track.



Train track maintenance and inspections go hand in hand. Our maintenance team is equipped to fix any problems identified by our inspectors or other third-party inspection companies. We offer several maintenance programs depending on the needs of our customers. We take care of routine maintenance items such as rail lubrication and switch cleaning, as well as, irregular maintenance items such as switch point welding, rail replacement, and many other services.

Keeping the tracks up and running

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Rail Inspection

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid safety issues and unforeseen track outages. American Track offers maintenance programs that can fit any customer’s needs.

Track Rehabilitation

Track sections naturally degrade over time. American Track can rehabilitate an entire track section from sub-ballast to rail.

Emergency Services

In track outage and unsafe conditions, we will do everything we can to get you back on track in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, maintenance issues are not always addressed. Unresolved issues often get worse and can lead to unsafe working conditions, derailments or other track outages. We keep inventory of common rail items for situations just like this. Whether it’s a derailment or a broken joint bar, we can get you rolling again in no time day or night.

Railroad Track Inspection Services

  • Routine inspections
  • Identify maintenance concerns prior to failure
  • Allows for planned maintenance
  • Emergency inspections
  • Take place after a track outage
  • Identify causes for track outage
  • Identify red flag defects and necessary repairs
  • High rail inspections

Railroad Track Maintenance Services

  • Tie replacement
  • Rail replacement
  • Tamping
  • Switch point welding
  • Rail lubrication
  • Switch cleaning
  • Gauging

Railroad Track Emergency Services

  • Rerailing
  • Joint replacement
  • Tie installation
  • Rail replacement
  • Switch repairs