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Railroad Engineering

American track railway engineering services


The American Track Difference

Unlike many civil design firms, American Track’s engineers specialize in track design. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to design track projects quickly with construction execution in mind. We routinely provide re-engineering services for our railroad construction customers to evaluate and streamline designs, drawings, timelines, and execution plans. With American Track, you can rest assured that your project designs will meet your operational needs and construction execution will go smoothly.

Conceptual Design

American Track’s engineering team merges cutting-edge design software and hardware, with years of railroad experience to design jobs faster than the competition. This speed and efficiency allow us to offer conceptual design and consultation to potential customers, taking the stress and confusion out of the early design process.

Professional Railroad Design

American Track sets itself apart from most civil design firms through our engineers’ specialization in railroad design. Our team of engineers are able to quickly …

Railroad Consulting

Rail Engineering Consultation

Our in-house engineers have vast field experience, allowing them to optimize designs for both functionality and constructability.

Railway Construction Surveying

With GPS, 3D grade controls and other advanced surveying technologies, American Track can maintain high precision and efficiency.

Emergency Services

In track outage and unsafe conditions, we will do everything we can to get you back on track in a timely manner.

Save time and money

Cost Benefit

By going with one company from conceptual design to project completion, you can save money and eliminate headaches. In many cases; American Track provides design services at no cost to the customer when we receive a contract for both the design and construction of a project. Because we intend to build our design projects, we pay attention to the details and ensure our designs are executable not just conceptual. We are so confident in our designs hat we often offer zero change order contracts for projects we design ourselves.

Preliminary Services

  • Conceptual design
  • Engineering consultation
  • Defining scope
  • Preliminary estimation
  • Access expectations and needs

Design Build Highlights

  • Free preliminary design
  • Free engineering consultation
  • Zero change order construction
  • Direct communication between designers and builders

Design Services

  • GPS based survey
  • Drone survey
  • Full 3D project modeling Alignment
  •  Profiles
  •  Cross-section
  • Material volumes